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Victor Karkar

Greater New York City Area
Cofounder & CEO, Scrible

60% of secondary students struggle with research. 50% of high school grads aren't ready for college writing. We're changing that. Including the costs to colleges and employers, America's widespread research and writing skills crisis costs $1B+ annually. Scrible is a revolutionary cloud-based, Google-integrated research platform for school and work. It lets you curate, annotate, manage and collaborate on articles in the cloud. We're valuable across sectors and currently focus on education as our beachhead market. Scrible Edu adds game-changing capabilities for students and educators. It provides writing features including citations, bibliographies and integration with Google Docs for writing papers. Students use advanced tools to scaffold and organize their work. Educators use analytics to support personalized learning for the vital research and writing skills students need for college and career success.

Product Videos
- Student tools (Outdated. Will be updated.): https://youtu.be/ZxYjt5-iSnw
- Educator analytics: https://youtu.be/coLFA7Bz3I8
- PDF capabilities: https://youtu.be/IIhG3chkmXQ