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In the spring COVID chaos, many teachers abandoned plans to have students work on papers and projects. It was logistically hard to manage the research and writing process remotely. Normally, teachers and librarians meet with students face-to-face to provide feedback on their research (e.g. articles, annotations, citations) and writing (e.g. outlines, drafts, bibliographies). The pandemic complicates that. Fortunately, Scrible, the most comprehensive research/writing platform ever built, centralizes all student research and writing work online and makes it available to educators from anywhere. They can access student work remotely to assess it and provide feedback asynchronously, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings. Scrible helps students curate, annotate, manage and collaborate on articles online. It supports writing with citation capture, bibliography and outline editors and Google Docs and Microsoft Word integration. Students use powerful tools to scaffold and organize their work. Teachers and librarians use novel metrics to support personalized learning for the vital research and writing skills students need for college. Over 50% of secondary students struggle with research and aren't ready for college writing. Scrible helps close that gap and mitigates COVID exacerbating it. Please see these related videos:
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